Complimentary Wild Health Series.

The wild movement is not just about your fitness, but a way of life and this includes nutrition, mindset and lifestyle. When you join The Wild Movement you automatically receive 4 weeks of online movement, nutrition, recovery, mindset and lifestyle training and support to get you into the wild way of life.

We believe that making the decision to move your body on a regular basis can be the gateway to transforming your health and your life.

Our signature Health Transformation formula, created by Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches Lauren Michele and Luke Sharp, will guide you through the 5 pillars of health transformation and returning to your Wild roots to survive in our modern world.

Module 1: Move Wild

Discover why we train the way we train, and how this can impact your life on a massive scale. Everything we do at The Wild Movement has been brought in for a reason. In our first Wild Health module you will discover exactly why we build organic strength, why mobility is a part of every session, why we will push you to reach your fittest, fastest self, and why we challenge our movement mindset every day. If you want to know why we do what we do, you will love this first module.

Module 2: Eat Wild

Let your new movement lifestyle naturally support your desire to fuel your body with the best possible nutrition. In our Eat Wild module, you will learn how to simply and easily return to a more natural, primal way of eating on a daily basis, to will fuel your body with the right nutrients to enhance your transformation and get your body looking and feeling the way it was always meant to.

Module 3: Recover Wild

With your eating and moving goals underway, now it’s time to learn the art of Wild Recovery. Our bodies are not designed for all or nothing, it’s the balance that is key. In this module you will learn the importance of recovering in reaching your movement and body composition goals, as well as for your overall health and wellbeing. You will come away from Module 3 with a deeper understanding of how you can support your body’s natural recovery processes, and how in doing so you can reach your goals faster and live a more consistently healthy life.

Module 4: Think Wild

Our mindset is key when it comes to creating lasting positive changes in our lives, and can be one of the main reasons we fail or lose motivation on the goals we set for ourselves. In Module 4, you will delve into your own mindset strengths and blocks, and discover how you can overcome the barriers to your transformation with the support of your pack.

Module 5: Live Wild

Our final module will bring is all together for you and give you the opportunity to reflect on all you have achieved in the last month at The Wild Movement, and set some goals for how you want to transfer this experience into your life. After module 5 you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to return to your wild roots and transform your health and your life, and you will have the knowledge, skills and pack support to make it happen.

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