Awesome Results!

These are just a few of our strength and body composition improvements in a short amount of time!

Mitch Hallinan

200 – 240kg Deadlift (6 Months)

Dan Barden

125Kg – 170 Back Squat (6 Weeks)

Tracy Lamont

99kg to 82kg (7 months)

Zane Taylor

12 Chin ups – 21 Chin Ups (18 Weeks)

Michelle Baker

1 Chin Up to 12 Chin Ups (12 months)

Laura Mck

45 – 85kg deadlift (8 weeks)

Chris Elder

120kg – 167.5kg Back Squat 18 months

Pack Member - Dan Vanstone

Pack Member - Xan Opherson

Elite Coaching Member - Trent Dolman

Pack Member - Ariel Baker

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