Our Why

Back in 2016 my partner and I were talking about the process of change people go through to become healthy. The first calling point is normally the urge to exercise. From here the second point of awareness is often what we are eating. We started drawing it on paper as a spiral. Next in line was thinking and mindset, followed by total lifestyle. What we had on paper reminded us of the Koru, a Maori symbol. Both having parents from New Zealand we looked up what the Koru represented to the Maori people. It is everything we wanted our community to be. Ongoing strength, community and growth. The symbol for the Wild Movement was born to go along with our philosophy.

The philosophy of The Wild Movement is that nature knows best. Just one hundred years ago we didn’t even know of so many diseases that are so prevalent today because they were so rare.

We lived more in harmony with the sun and nature. The notion that we sit in a cubicle next to people we don’t particularly like all day and then drive home in our box car to eat food out of a box before driving to a sterile brightly lit gym with mirrors to exercise just seems backward.

I grew up barefoot playing outside all my child hood but I fell in love with the power and confidence that strength training gave me. We have brought the outside in to our gym and set up our memberships to encourage community and connection.

The Wild Movement is here to give you that power within yourself, that confidence in your body and that community of like minded, positive individuals around you

We are here because we actually really care about you and your health. We want you to be a central part to our community, you will never just be a number to us. We want for you what we want for us. Health, vitality and confidence in our bodies to be able to do any thing we want for as long as we live. We do this through improving holistic habits and exposing ourselves to a variety of physical stimulis including strength, mobility, aerobic work, speed and power. We do this in a setting where coaches can coach and not just supervise.

We are not here to judge or to tell you what to do simply to educate and support you on your journey to betterment.