Our Team

Belynda Cheyne

Bel grew up very interested in the mechanics of movements through some really big life events. She went onto study Exercise Science whilst working as a personal trainer throughout the past 5 years. Bel's very strong understanding of the body means she is great at helping people get the best from where they are currently at - be that performance or in a rehab state. Bel will make you laugh and understand the why behind each movement!

Hollie Darke

Hollie has been in the industry since completing a Bachelor of Sports Therapy in the UK 15 years ago. Since than she has done everything from Figure competing on stage to now being fully immersed in helping people with real health looking at their whole self. Hollie is a Level 2 Chek Practictioner and is passionate about helping people find their power within!


Hey guys, I’m Carola! But mostly people just call me Rolls. I’ve been involved in sports all my life but became more active in the gym after suffering a series of back and knee injuries from the rug and tug of the rugby pitch. And while I started working out to supplement my rehab and improve my game, I kept coming back to the gym because I loved pushing my body to new limits - both mentally and physically.

Carla Raleigh

Carla is passionate about all things movement.  She is a yoga teacher, freediving instructor and handstand coach.   You will find Carla teaching handstands and having some fun whilst at it!  Whether you are already a pro or just want to get upside down for the first time, Carla will help! 

Luke Sharp

I'm here with one big purpose, to show you how to develop strength, movement and growth that can change your life!
As a Strength and conditioning Coach and Certified Health Coach with a degree in Human Movement and 12 years industry experience, I know the innate power and potential locked within all of us!

Jordan Mostert

Jordan lives the values of The Wild Movement through and through. Having completed Exercise Science at Uni in 2020 he has worked in the industry the past few years finding his niche. It is through lots of experimentation and his own journey of exploration that he has found the love of all things movement. Strength, handstands, locomotion and play. Jordan is great at communicating and getting the ideal environment for you to have fun and make positive changes.

Sam Weatherhog

Sam comes from a professional gymnast background representing Australia.   He knows what it takes to progress skills whether it’s helping you get your first handstand kick up or your 10th consecutive strict muscle up.  

Sam’s passion for bodyweight mastery means he is the coach leading our Pack Skill programme.  Fun Fact Sam also has a Masters in Mathematics!