Check our some of our AMAZING Pack Strength and Elite Coaching 6-12 week transformations to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat!

Craig K

Finbar M

Alistair P

Pack Member – Tim Rutherford


Pack Member – Alex Mallory


Pack Member – Ethan Menchin


Elite Coaching Member – Trent Dolman


Pack Member – Ingrid Lang


Pack Member – Matt Colclough



Some Awesome Results!

These are some of our Biggest strength increases (in a short amount of time!)


Mitch Hallinan

200 – 240kg Deadlift (6 Months)

Dan Barden

125Kg – 170 Back Squat x10 (6 Weeks)

Steve Schroeder

60 – 85kg Bench, 75 – 120kg Deadlift, 5 – 13 Chin Ups (8 weeks)

Carrissa Belham

1x 20Kg Goblet squat – 30Kg x9 (6 weeks)

Zane Taylor

12 Chin ups – 21 Chin Ups (18 Weeks)

Laura Mck

45 – 85kg deadlift, 30 – 55kg Back Squat (8 weeks)


I have been training with Luke for almost 12 months now, i started with Luke due to the focus he has on mobility, for me this was huge as i needed to make a change that allowed me to feel more comfortable when training and refereeing.

The group environment which has been created is awesome, it might be a group environment but I still get the individual coaching required to ensure i perform at my best. Luke has a focus on each individual to ensure they are reaching further than what they believe they can achieve.

Luke creates a fun environment to train in and we are always learning something new. I would highly reccomend training with Luke.

Nick Morel
NRL & QRL Referee

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