Why Movement By Itself is Not the Solution

Why Movement by it self is not the solution

The question of whether diet or exercise is more important comes up so often. The answer is short. Neither.

We are a living organism which means there are so many damn factors that determine our health and our performance.

I am a big believer that improving one’s overall health will completely improve one’s physical performance and one’s body composition. It has always seemed odd to me when so many factors are left out in a athletic field when trying to increase performance. Slowly this is catching on. What we preach at The Wild Movement is what I really believe can truly take anyone to optimised health and living.

If we only concentrate on training the positive effects of training are not long lasting. We need to create the right environment in our body for the adaptation we are hoping for to occur. The right environment needs the other three pillars of health.

Sleep, Stress and Food all need to be taken care of. Richard Gabriel (The Primal Way) recently did a workshop for our members on Stress and showed us that sleep should be the first and foremost concern. Without good sleep, stress hormones are higher, food choices are worst, food is digested not as well, and we either don’t train, train with less intensity or training simply causes more negative stress.

For too long our culture has looked at band aid solutions to health. It is time we start looking at the bigger underlying picture. Every person deserves good health which also means they are strong, able, fit and lean. If you do not tick these boxes maybe it’s time to start looking at your overall health through the four pillars of health (sleep, stress, food and physical movement) instead of just concentrating on one. They all work together, the body is dynamic.

At The Wild Movement we give you the tools through work shops by guest presenters and online education to ensure you can be slowly moving towards a greater picture of health. If you would like to start where we recommend, with sleep then please register your details on our home page and you can ensure your health is off to a good start.

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What is The Wild Movement

What is the WILD MOVEMENT ?

The Wild Movement is a holistic training space owned by myself – Luke Sharp and my partner Lauren Brown.

The name comes from our conversations across the years of how training has gone so far away from how we were designed to live and move that it is almost ironic. The fact that we have to go to a gym to try and get some of the benefits of movement that we would have got in everyday life only a hundred years ago is sad to me. We live in boxes, drive in a box to a box gym that has superficial lighting, machines and mirrors and then go to work and sit in our box and communicate via email on the box. We then go home via our box and watch the box while we eat out of a box. To us that just doesn’t sound like a prosperous life. Lauren and I have tried to live authentically how we want (not society) for the past five years since we met. The name The Wild Movement is about getting back to our origins of how we were desgined to live and move.

In our gym you won’t find any mirrors. You will find a feeling of nature, fun and peace. We have tried to make the space as organic and natural as possible. Training in this space reflects that.

I am a big believer in strength. A stronger person will die older. They will run faster, jump higher, have more protection against injuries and have more muscle mass to fat mass. Training at The Wild Movement reflects this. We use the barbell for the big lifts that carry over into so many massive benefits. We use our bodies through full ranges of movement that society has forgotten about. We develop physical skills to break through limiting beliefs. We push hard but also recover hard. We are about yin and yang. Where you take from one side you must give back to the other.

Our space is open for anyone that wants to create long lasting positive change in their life. This is not for people that want a quick fix but people that are open to being their best version of themselves physically and mentally. Health is wealth. I Look forward to seeing you soon.

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