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Explore new ways to challenge yourself with the right balance of training and motivation. We are located in Milton, Brisbane, directly opposite Suncorp Stadium.

1. Pack Strength training

All of our signature Pack Strength sessions are capped at a maximum of 8 members. This ensures individuality of programming and coaching in a 4:1 ratio for technical lifts so you keep progressing as though you were in a traditional one on one personal training session. The added advantage is that you get the positive vibes from other Pack members too.

2. No lock in contracts

All training has the option for no contract. There is an option for people that want to commit for 6 months at a time. We are happy to discuss options.

3. When you can train

Sessions start at 430 AM and we have our last session finishing at 7 PM. We also have open gym times each day and lunch time sessions. For the full schedule please CLICK HERE.

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Our Trainers

Lance Imo
Strength Coach

Lance has been in the industry for 5 years coaching clients from Powerlifters to corporate clients. Lance grew up playing rugby so was always exposed to physical development and decided he wanted to give that to others. Lance is a father, and loads up the bar the most out of all our coaches! Lance doesn’t miss a beat when coaching Pack Strength so make sure you are ready. Lance is also a Chek Practioner.

Hollie Darke
Strength and Health Coach

Hollie has been in the industry since completing a Bachelor of Sports Therapy in the UK 15 years ago. Since than she has done everything from Figure competing on stage to now being fully immersed in helping people with real health looking at their whole self. Hollie is a Level 2 Chek Practictioner and is passionate about helping people find their power within!

Strength Coach

Hey guys, I’m Carola! But mostly people just call me Rolls.
I’ve been involved in sports all my life but became more active in the gym after suffering a series of back and knee injuries from the rug and tug of the rugby pitch. And while I started working out to supplement my rehab and improve my game, I kept coming back to the gym because I loved pushing my body to new limits - both mentally and physically.

Head Coach and Owner

I'm here with one big purpose, to show you how to develop strength, movement and growth that can change your life!
As a Strength and conditioning Coach and Certified Health Coach with a degree in Human Movement and 10 years industry experience, I know the innate power and potential locked within all of us.

Brandon Lee
Strength Coach

Brandon has had a transformative journey from semi professional rugby league to now helping people regain their health using holistic principles. Brandon is a Level 1 Chek Coach, father of a beautiful boy and loves to connect with people from all walks of life.

How to find us

2/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane0433 761 815

Opening hours

Mon-Thurs4:30-8:30am 4:30-7:30pm