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Pack Strength

Pack Strength is the perfect combination of personal coaching, individualised programming and community, atmosphere and accountability, and it harnesses our signature Wild Movement Formula. It is progressive yet individualised so we will make sure it is right for you. You will see yourself consistently getting stronger, more mobile, more skilful and fitter. Classes are capped at 6 people per session to ensure you get the best guidance you need and are all carried out in our Wild Milton Transformation Centre.

Pack Strength Sessions are early morning and evening weekdays. Click here to see the current timetable

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I initially joined with the goal of improving my strength for track cycling. What I have gained @thewild movement is so much more than this. Not only has my strength improved significantly, I’ve also found a place that encourages and challenges me to be the best version of myself mentally and physically. Luke’s holistic approach to health and fitness coupled with the supportive community environment he has created, is something very special. Can’t speak highly enough of this place.

Lauren Leaver
Pack Strength Member

Want to see when our classes are on?

Pack strength is on most days and elite coaching is by appointment.

The Wild Movement Formula


Build organic, functional strength.

When you build strength in natural and organic ways, the way humans used to do, you build functional strength. (The good sh#!). When you develop functional strength, it naturally transfers to everything you do and impacts the way you live your life on a daily basis. If you want to feel strong and vital in all life throws at you, this is the strength you need.


Move the way your body was meant to.

Your body is meant to feel flexible and free and move in many different ways with ease, the way humans used to. Our modern life has taken us far away from natural movement, however and our bodies and minds are paying the price, as with a tight body comes a tight mind. When you relearn the fundamentals of moving well, all your physical potential is harnessed and all things become possible.


Make perpetual growth a way of life.

All life is growth and a decision to make perpetual growth your way of life, will have immeasurable impact on your life experience. As the great Tony Robbins says “happiness comes from progress”. It doesnt matter where you start and its not about seeking perfection. Whether you are learning a new movement or learning to nourish your body with real nutrition, the outcome is the same. When you are truely growing, you are truly living.

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Hi, I am Luke Sharp!

Im here with one big purpose, to show you how to developing strength, movement and growth can change your life!

As a Strength and conditioning Coach and Certified Health Coach with a degree in Human Movement and 7 years industry experience, I know the innate power and potential locked within all of us, that goes a long way beyond simple ‘fitness’

Over many years I have created an signature formula that has revolutionised my body, my health and my life and got me back in touch with nature and my bodys natural strength, movement and vitality.

Im here to share this signature formula with you.

You can contact me HERE…

Common Questions

When are Pack Strength Sessions?

Sessions are early mornings (starting from 5am, 6am and 7am) and early evening (starting at 5pm and 6pm).

Is all training in groups?

All of our signature formula Pack Strength is capped at a maximum of 6 members. This ensures individuality of programming and coaching in a 3:1 ratio for technical lifts so you keep progressing as though you were in a traditional one on one personal training session. The added advantage is that you get the positive vibes from other Pack members too.

Do you have lock in contracts?

All training has the option for no contract. There is an option for people that want to commit for 6 months at a time.

Where are you located?

We are located in Milton, right next to Suncorp Stadium.

Our Service Offerings

Pack Strength

Pack strength is a perfect combination of personal coaching, individualised programming, community, atomosphere and accountability.

Elite Coaching

This is for when you want the upmost of attention, care and individualised programming to meet your specific needs.

Online Programming

Join us from another gym in your quest to get stronger and leaner by following our programming on our app


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Call me if you want to hear more about my signature method.

"I got at the wild movement"

Excellent space, friendly & welcoming, Luke & Alex are both great trainers. They’re expert knowledge has helped me return to training after years away due to back surgery. Everything was personalised for where I was at with my fitness & strength. Now I look forward to each session. Definitely beats a big, corporate gym by milesJustin George - 32
The Wild Movement is a gym with top quality trainers who are incredibly passionate and dedicated. It is unlike a commercial gym in the following ways… – The small group classes are so well run and personalised to you that it feels like you have a personal training session each time – The gym is a community of welcoming people unlike a commercial gym environment where people rarely communicate -The challenging training program is very well designed and built upon solid training principles, it incorporates safe progressive overload, metabolic conditioning and mobility. All of this = consistency and results!Ariel Baker - 37
Since I began training at The Wild Movement I have seen so many improvements in my strength and overall fitness, as well as nutrition and mindset. It feels like a family, even though the coaches kick your butt in every session! I love walking through the doors ready to be challenged with a program personalised to my fitness levels. Recommend this place to anyone seeking improvement!!Emma Jones - 34

Milton Transformation Centre

2/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane

Luke Sharp

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